New sequel

"It always kept me guessing whodunit.

I couldn't put it down."

​​​​Can you handle the hidey-hole truth?

'Had me on the edge of my seat holding my breath​ as well as chuckling out loud.'

​A bus goes over a Cornish cliff. A 6-year-old orphan magically lifts a spoon. A 500-year-old house goes bump in the day.

​​​​Secret powers, hidden tunnels, ghosts and time-travel all challenge covert witch Amanda Cadabra and her ever-grumpy cat, Tempestm as they take on Sunken Madley Manor.

​​​How low can you go?

​The key to a present murder is buried in ​1940.

​​Amanda and ​her irascible feline are back​, ​​dogged ​by the personable but ​intractable Inspector Trelawney.

​​​Bombs, spies and a body for witch and familiar. ​A witness only they can see. The truth in a place where only they can go. 

'Read on and discover the fun of Amanda Cadabra for yourself!' P Tomey, Simon and Schuster

​Would you step
this way?

​A deadly dance.

​​An accident waiting to happen. A body, a spy, a saboteur, an uncooperative ghost, multiple puzzles. ​And Amanda is top of the suspect list.

​If ​​only she could trust the attractive but determined Inspector Trelawney who is on Granny's trail.​

Can Amanda and her moody magical cat ​unravel their most complicated case yet before a second murder and her arrest?

"I LOVED THIS STORY!! Holly Bell has done it again!"

​​Storm in a teacup?

​​Or something stirring?

​​​Amanda find​s a body at The Grange. She has no alibi. These are the least of her problems.

The Flamgoynes are about to attack the village. Only the ​anonymous Viola can help. ​How can ​she be found before the foe strikes?

Can Amanda buy the intrepid Inspector Trelawney time for his mission? In the moment of truth, will she  and her grumpy cat stand alone​? Or will she see The Rise of Sunken Madley?

"​The tension in the quintessentially English cozy mystery ... just stepped up a notch; I couldn't stop reading."


An enchanting page-turner.

Tim Brown

Had me chuckling out loud and on the edge of my seat.


​​Delightfully entertaining and intriguing. Couldn't put it down.


​About Holly Bell

Cat adorer and chocolate lover, Holly Bell is a photographer and video maker when not writing. Holly lives in the UK and is a mixture of English, Scottish, Cornish and Welsh, among other ingredients.

​​Her favourite animal is a black cat. Purely coincidental. Of course.

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