Amanda Cadabra and The Hidden Depths

Book Five of the Hilarious Fantasy Mystery Series

Furniture restorer and covert witch Amanda is being good. Or at least she’s trying. The cold case of the Cardiubarn Murders is on the cusp of closure with only a single missing piece. However, the body Amanda found in her obscure village is becoming a high-profile case. Was the victim all they seemed? And what is the South American connection?

Letting Detective Inspector Trelawney do his job is one thing. But how long can Amanda and her occasionally helpful feline familiar sit on the sidelines while a beloved member of the community is hours away from arrest?


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Amanda Cadabra and The Hidden Depths

As I got to know covert witch Amanda's quaint English village Sunken Madley it, it became clear to me that it must have ... literally ... hidden depths. Pretty much everywhere was once, topographically or geologically, something else. Beneath our feet whether standing on tarmac, concrete, wood or carpet, there are thousands, millions, of years of history, the stories of other people long dead .... Or are they?

The Hidden Depths takes the reader on a journey to another place in time far beyond anything in the first three books, to challenge Amanda to a test of courage in return for the answers she so desperately needs to save her friend. This time her journey is not only under the watchful if laconic eye of her grumpy feline familiar Tempest, but that of Detective Inspector Trelawney who is learning Amanda's magical nature and is determined to protect her, even when he knows it is beyond him.

In this book the 'very odd stacks' – the infamous library basement with its mysterious collection of archive material – and the devastatingly handsome but endearingly shy assistant librarian – come into their own

This is the fifth in an irresistible series for lovers of humorous fantasy mystery, where Harry Potter meets Agatha Christie, in a 'timelessly British' supernatural whodunnit. A mirthful mix of vintage and modern-day fun, suspense and excitement, with a happy ending.

Dive in to rejoin the delightful Amanda, the superior Tempest, the attractive but by-the-book Inspector Trelawney, the aristocratic Senara and the warm-hearted Cornishman Perran, together with a host of their colourful neighbours and an assemblage of suitably suspicious, and villanous characters. Each individual has their own hidden depths to surprise you along the way, as you enter the village of Sunken Madley.

Amanda Cadabra with Tempest in the workshop

The Characters

  • Amanda is a covert witch, reclusive but beloved resident of Sunken Madley, trained by her grandparents in magic and keeping a low profile. But can she do that with a missing body, ghosts and secret tunnels on her hands and a police detective asking too many questions?
  • Tempest is Amanda's grumpy feline reincarnated by grandparents Perran and Senara during Amanda's teens. Regards humans as an inferior species. Will he stay awake long enough to aid his pet human when the crunch comes?
  • Detective Inspector Thomas Trelawney of the Devon and Cornwall Police is assigned to the Cardiubarn Case: a van containing Amanda's family mysteriously went over a cliff when she was 3 years old. Are his suspicions about the three Cadabras justified? 
  • Senara and Perran Cadabra are grandparents and adoptive parents to Amanda. They have lovingly home educated and trained her in furniture restoration, witchcraft and dealing with 'Normals'. But how much are they not telling their granddaughter about their past?

The Plot

  • They say you should keep your promises. After all, breaking her commitment to not using magic on humans had almost spelt disaster for Amanda and her village. In fact, Amanda is trying not to use magic outside her workshop at all, much to the amusement of her irascible feline familiar, Tempest. But what if Inspector Trelawney can’t solve this latest murder unless she does?
  • They say there’s more than meets the eye. Sunken Madley is a peaceful little village, but someone there is not what they seem. Does Amanda have the courage to investigate her own neighbours, literally plumb the depths of Sunken Madley, and face the perils beneath to discover the truth?
  • They say you should be there for your friends. Now, the clock is ticking before the arrest of a dear neighbour. It’s going to take a witch of a sleuth, a bending of the rules, a determined police inspector, and a grumpy magical cat to find the real killer before it’s too late.
  • Amanda Cadabra and The Hidden Depths is a hilarious, suspenseful, entertaining fantasy that draws the reader into a world of picturesque English villages, unforgettable characters, a cat with attitude, and the most enchanting of urban fantasy mysteries.
Library basement. Concrete steps lead down to a cobbled floor, with books shelves on either side. Artificial lighting. Atmospheric

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Tempest the cat - British Blue grumpy feline - on the left, in the centre a mahogany jigsaw of South America with a black book on it. On the right Amanda Cadabra and The Hidden Depths by Holly Bell in ereader and paperback. In the background the concrete steps of a library basement
Chapter 1
The Missing Piece

Had she heard it, felt it or sensed it? Time stopped. She caught Jonathan's eye, as he stood still with a slight furrow between his brows. And then the moment was whirled away in the bustle of The Event. That was when it

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"Just when you thought Holly couldn’t do any better, she blows you out of the water with the fifth book in the Amanda Cadabra series."