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Character Biographies

Dear Reader,

This page has been written so that you see if your guess as to the identity or location in each jigsaw puzzle was correct.

Alternatively, if you are new to the world of Amanda Cadabra, then you can get to know the people an places a little before you dive into the series.

I hope that you enjoy it!

Happy Reading,


Stack of biographies on a wooden shelf with English village in the background

Puzzle 1: Tempest

Amanda Cadabra's grumpy familiar. Tempest was reincarnated by her grandparents one midnight in their furniture restoration workshop. He has never forgiven Granny. An armed truce exists between them.

Tempest regards humans with contempt as an altogether inferior life form. However, he watches over Amanda and is secretly attached to her. Not that he'd ever admit it.

Puzzle 2: Senara Cadabra

Grandmother and adoptive mother to Amanda Cadabra; wife to Perran Cadabra. A powerful witch who rarely uses her magic. This is  in order to give Amanda as normal a life as possible and to keep her safe. She regards Tempest as a distasteful necessity.

Senara Cadabra has a past, some of which is gradually revealed over the course of the series.

Puzzle 3: Joan The Postlady

Wife to Jim, who has made a second career as the village caterer, supplying the café and the two pubs. Joan is central to Sunken Madley's intelligence network, usually to be found assembled in The Corner Shop. A friendly, lively, ebullient and shrewd lady, there is very little that escapes her notice. She has a deeply felt fondness for Amanda, and is a reliable source of information.

Puzzle 4: Mrs Nalini Sharma

Owner of The Corner Shop, heart of the village and unofficial Intelligence HQ. Wife to Mr (Dr) Sharma, owner of the chemist, and qualified pharmacist. Together, they own the shop at the end of the High Street and certain residential properties, which are maintained to a high standard. They quietly help those in the village who are in need.

Nalini is daughter-in-law to Mrs Sharma, no longer resident in Sunken Madleh but who used to babysit Amanda and to whom she is beloved 'Aunty'. Nalini is mother to three grownup children who have moved out of Sunken Madley. A youthful woman in her sixties, she maintains a serenity and dignity at all times. As owner of The Corner Shop, Nailini is at the heart of the heart of the village.

Mrs Nalini Sharma is the only person in the village for whom Tempest holds a grudging respect. They have a tacit understanding, the nature of which has yet to be revealed. This is first mentioned in Tempest's First Day, the prequel to the series (which you can download free here: https://amandacadabra.com/free-story-tempest/"

Puzzle 5: Mrs Pagely

Librarian at Sunken Madley Library. Her staff consisting of Jonathan Shepherd. Mrs Pagely is benevolent custodian of the readers library, the children's library, the reference library and the 'very odd' basement  known as 'the stacks'.

In book 1, Amanda Cadabra and The Hidey-Hole Truth, she is described:

'Mrs Pagely’s diminutive stature accentuated her comfortable frame, and made her appear rounder than she was. It suited her motherly demeanour.'

Her favourite reader is Amanda and she knows better than to attempt to shoe Tempest out when he deigns to visit. In one of the books, Mrs Pagely becomes a suspect in a murder case. Only Amanda can save her.

Mrs Pagely is currently single (what happened to Mr Pagely is unspecified) but it turns out that she does have an admirer. 

Puzzle 6: The Rector

Jane Goodword is Rector of St Ursula-with-Barnet, Sunken Madley Church. A lady of infinite if tried patience, she attempts to keep the peace between parishioners such as Dennis Hanley-Page with his passion for fast cars and Miss de Havillande of The Grange in her more pedestrian ancient Rolls Royce.

Jane has few attendees at her Sunday services, the church being of more interest to art students visiting to admire the fine antique stained glass windows. Another less welcome visitor is Tempest who likes to spend time in the vestry among anything shiny.

Jane becomes the suspect in a murder and again, only Amanda can clear her name.

Puzzle 7: Sunken Madley Manor

Tempest, Amanda’s feline familiar is pictured in the 400 year-old Sunken Madley Manor, ancestral home of the Dunkleys. It has the distinction of being Amanda’s first on-site solo furniture restoration job. The mansion hides many secrets. Some, at least, of these are revealed in Amanda Cadabra and The Hidey-Hole Truth.

Be prepared for ghosts, secret tunnels and, naturally, a body

Puzzle 8: Claire

Claire Ruggieri is Amanda's closest Normal (non-magical) friend. Claire is a film and TV producer and buys the next-door neighbour's house when he moves out to the coast when Amanda is in her early twenties. Claire and Amanda connect on sight.

Trusted by Amanda's grandparents, Senara and Perran Cadabra, Claire introduces her young friend to the worlds of nightlife and romance. Some years Amanda's senior Claire becomes wise a confidante and even an assistant on occasion. Amanda, of course, cannot share everything with her best friend. Of course, Claire has one or two secrets of her own ...