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​Please send in
your Competition Entry
Dear Sleuth,
​Please send in your list of the 10 differences between the two maps, using the form on the left, or sending an email to
If you are selected as the winner then I shall need an address where I can send you your prize. 
Just so you know that it's all fair, ​no one who has been privy to the additions to the map in the new book is allowed to enter the competition.
​Incidentally, if you would like to be in on the creation of the next book, do ​ask to join our VIP Readers Group for those who receive the inside track, read the pre-published manuscript and give their feedback. It's a limited numbers group, but there are some spaces left. Or just ask to stay in touch for the latest news.

​Meanwhile, best of luck, and may the best sleuth win.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Holly Bell