25 June, 2023.

Dear Readers,

Happy Post-Solstice,

As promised, here is the sequel to the unboxing of The Hat that is destined to carry me through to the full reveal of Holly The Human, shown hitherto only as Holly The Cartoon.

Click for video of the next part of the author reveal

If you’re not sure who it is under the brim, the clue is at the end of the very short clip, the book that is under my gloved hand. Holly Bell, as you know, never leaves prints. Next week, you’ll see a little more of me. Incidentally, there isn’t much of a clue, but I wonder if you can hazard a guess at where this was filmed.

Students throwing confettiPost Exams

Once again, there’s a Cornish language version of the video. Thank you to everyone who buoyed me up through the four exams with kind wishes and good vibes.

My final Grade 4 Cornish exam is over, and that concludes my formal studies for now. What next? Well, you can expect Cornish to show itself in the next Amanda Cadabra mystery. Rather more than usual, as the majority of the action will be taking place in Cornwall.

What else? My plan is to translate the prequel Tempest’s First Day into Cornish to add to the fun and the lighter side of the body of literature in the language. (You can download Tempest’s First Day in English right here)

Would You Like …?

Anything else? Yes, at the moment, and it’s early days, I am planning to teach beginners online with my study partner Linda, in the autumn. If you would be interested in taking the first few steps with me, then please let me know (hollybell@amandacadabra.com). That is how I started. And once I got a taste of it, I just couldn’t stop, and here I am four years later, ready to embark on a … new chapter, so to speak!

Meanwhile, in case you’re curious, here is the video above in Cornish.

Zoning in, and Exploring Amanda’s World

However, front and centre is the next sequel. And, sure enough, now that the pressure of exams is off, ideas for a climactic scene for Book 9 came to me this afternoon. But even more, once I’ve recovered from the whirl of the audiobook completion and launch, the flurry of the exams, and the filming and editing of the Reveal, I am looking forward more than anything else to focusing on weaving the new story for you. In between, you can expect to be taken on location to get a feel for the World of Amanda Cadabra. See with me the kinds of places she experiences to inspire your imagination as you read about or listen to Amanda’s adventures.

Hand holding phone gimbalBehind the Lens and The Recording

As you may have gathered, I did not film this clip myself. I look forward to introducing you to the cameraman. Having now launched the audiobook of Amanda Cadabra and The Hidey-Hole Truth, I am also planning to delve a little more into what goes into an audiobook production and introduce you to someone who played a vital part in bringing the finished product to you, now that you can listen to the results yourself.

There’s always more to come. See you next week.

Happy Beginning of Summer (or Winter)



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