23 July, 2023.

Dear Readers

The Grand Finale

Today sees the completion of the Holly The Human reveal series of videos, culminating in a transformation that will be apparent across amandacadabra.com, Facebook and elsewhere. Oh, and yes, … the spell. The video also tells of What Comes Next, which is even more exciting.


Holly Speaks In …

But there’s more! Today also comes a second version of the video in which I speak to the camera in Cornish for the first time. Quite a lot too. I had to practice my lines pretty thoroughly. However, when we came to record, activity broke out in the house behind where we were filming, with power tools starting up and a dog wandering in and out of the shot. We asked for a few minutes to wrap up, and I wasn’t quite as word-perfect as I’d like to have been! But with a few tries I got it as well as … you’ll see …

Click to play Cornish language version of Return To The Village Green vidoe


This week, Mike, the Cameraman and I went on location for a video that will come out later this summer. It was a tremendously enjoyable day. Most importantly, something amazing happened to me, a transformation, and I can pinpoint the exact moment that it happened.

As you know, getting out in front of the lens has been something of an uphill journey for me, and making and delivering to you the gradual reveal series of videos has been to help me with that process as well as to entertain you. In the last two weeks, you’ve seen me speaking to the camera, but just with comments, as it were. How would I deal with actually addressing it as a presenter of a location or an aspect of the Amanda Cadabra stories?

Take Six

So, this week, that’s what I went to be filmed doing for the first time. We did multiple takes to use more than one angle. During Take One, I looked at Mike, a friendly presence, as I spoke. During Take Two, I began to look at the lens sometimes. During the next three takes, I was looking more and more at the lens. Then we decided to reshoot one of the angles. I was aware that I was not as fresh as I’d been and wondered if my voice would sound tired. 

The camera rolled, I said Take 6 for the recording and … that’s when it happened. Suddenly the lens was friendly; suddenly, it was you, my friends, my dearest readers, my readers I’m getting to know, my readers I’ve yet to get to know and my new readers. And I love sharing my books and stories about them with you all. It’s a joy. In that moment, I got my mojo.

If It Happened For Me …

I tell you this, not just because I think it will interest you, but for you who are embarking on something way outside your comfort zone, and especially something people tell you that you’re a natural for. Because you see, my dear friend, core beta-reader and prime beta-listener Ann, told me that it would click, and then it would become fun. And I found that very hard to imagine. But it happened, because it does. So, if you’re on the same journey as I’ve been taking, please let this give you heart. And if you’d like to write and share something of your journey with me, you know where to find me.

Thank You

This is for everyone who has supported me in my reveal process, with likes, comments, shares, reads, and silent good wishes sent through the ether. You made it worthwhile. If you’d like to help me continue the process of Being Out There then following me on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube (or the new Threads when I set up shop there) and or subscribing to the Inside Track newsletter, would be appreciated more than you know.

Please know that everything I write or illustrate with pretty pictures is with the goal of lightening your day, making you smile, or distracting you from things you’d rather not engage with right now, making you feel more hopeful or simply feel a bit better than before.

Next Time

Coming up: the first On Location With Holly video and The Mystery of The Toe.

Until next weekend …

Happy reading and watching,



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