​A Brief History of Wycc'yeth

Wycc'yeth is a mystical language formed over a thousand years ago when Old English and Cornish speaking magical folk pooled their resources to help their fellow countrymen to survive the long night of the Dark Ages. Over the centuries it has been handed down in secret and contributed to by each successive generation. 
Amanda Cadabra's chief source of the spells that she learned from the age of 6, is Wicc'huldol Galdorwrd Nha Koomwurtdreno Aon. Perran's accurate translation of this was 'Witchcraft: Spells and Potions: 1'. It was at least 200 years old when it came into Amanda's possesion but had likely been in the Carndiubarn witch clan for far longer. The extra spells inserted by the then young Jowanet Carndiubarn are in a slightly more modern style of Wycc'yeth.
Forrag Seothe Macungreanz A Aclownundre​, the second ​spell book which  Amanda received at a later age from Perran, ​is also of impressive lineage, and had been in the Cadabra family at least as long as Wicc'huldol.

I am indebted to my dear friend and mentor Ms Amelia Reading for her help in assembling ​a glossary of words used by Amanda Cadabra, and for her supplying a version with pronunciation, which she has kindly made available by clicking the link below.