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Cozy Maps – Yes or No?

Dear Readers,

Location, location, location

It’s not just about where you live but, for an author, where they set their book. This week, the plan was to film the picturesque village green that inspired the one in Amanda Cadabra’s village. The forecast was for sunshine. And then …

On the morning appointed for filming, the sky darkened the heavens opened, and upended bucket upon bucket upon the grateful earth and ungrateful author.

What To Do?

What could I create for you? Well, as the theme for the past three weeks has been location, beginning with Monken Hadley, the inspiration of Sunken Madley then Pinner High Street which evokes the one in the series’ village, I have tackled the subject of maps in cozy mysteries in this 1-minute 8-second video for your edification and entertainment. Here it is:

Click to go to video: Cozy Maps - Yes or No?


Do you have a book that you remember for its map? For me, besides the first one I mention in the video,  it would be the ones in the Narnia books, and the The Lord of the Rings. I’d love to know what your choice would be.

Meanwhile, you can find our very own cozy maps right here.

So What About The Village Green?

The weather next week, I am informed by the BBC, is going to be glorious. So, before you start to wonder if this place actually exists, I have every expectation of bringing you the third in the trilogy introducing key locations in the Amanda Cadabra books. And let’s see what else I might be able to capture on camera.

Red roses around lens of camera on grey satin in white vignetteLoving the Lens?

Well, I might not be that far but I am gradually gaining confidence in front of the camera. Your encouragement and support are a great help and indeed comfort, even on the familiar surroundings of Facebook. TikTok is still a terrain I’m getting to know, and I think I might have a bit of backlog to post on Instagram. So, if you do see the videos around on the social platform of your choice, please like follow or share. It helps more than you know.

It’s also reassuring  to be filming on a familiar ‘set’, which is some library shelves of mine and the backdrop to many a book-related TikTok video. If you look closely you may spot a volume or two that are familiar to you. If so, do let me know. If you’re thinking of self-filming, this is likely something you have in your home: convenient and cost-effective.

Meanwhile, in case you do feel the urge or the need to join me on the Other Side of the camera but would like some easy steps to do that painlessly, I am working on a video to help. It’s in the pipeline. Slightly delayed when I discovered that the something special I was going to use is for the wrong side of my body. What? Well … you’ll see!

Amanda Cadabra 9?

On the sequel front, a new chapter delivered itself to me at midnight one night, with tidbits of inspiration for interesting details scattered here and there during the last few days.

Finally, a note about online beginner Cornish classes. The start date is now 5th October. So there’s time to join me if you’re intrigued.

Next week …. the long-awaited Cozy Village Green and how it changed the Amanda Cadabra map.

Until then,

Happy September,



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