Thank You, Reviewers, and Amanda Cadabra 2

Hello Readers,

First, I would like to thank all of the kind readers who have posted reviews and ratings on,, Amazon,in, Goodreads, Facebook, and Bookbub. These are all tremendously valuable and much appreciated.

Next news is that I am almost half way through the first draft of Amanda Cadabra Book 2, and the feedback from my precious VIP readers on book one has been a great help, so if anyone has any more to offer, it will be enthusiastically received.

I have begun shooting for the trailer for book 2 which takes place over the summer and autumn, following on from book 1. Here are a couple of autumn photographs from the churchyard of beautiful St Mary’s Monken Hadley.

While video-ing I saw a banner advertising a free music event in the church, so I was there yesterday for the Sunday of the month afternoon choral concert, and to meet some of the people there, including the rector who had been very helpful explaining the history of the village and church when I was writing book 1.

The music was an absolute delight. Only a small choir was performing, including three children, but the sound was a joy, with a wide range of music from ancient to modern, echoing up to the soaring vault as the sopranos rose above the bedrock of the male voices and the contraltos.

The book is so far receiving a warm welcome from the audience there, and I hope to have permission to take some more photographs for you soon.

Meanwhile, on with book 2.

Happy autumn colours.

Holly Bell x

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