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The T​empest Competition
Tempest the cat, Amanda Cadabra's disgruntled familiar is a great favourite even pre-launch. And so you, dear reader, will be invited to post on Facebook or email photos of either your own cat, or one your know, who in some way resembles Tempest.

It could be in: coat colouring or eye colour, or in personality, or activity (or lack of it!). There are examples ​right, but let Tempest and your cat inspire you.
The competition will be held regularly and judged by Bobby, Holly's favourite cat. Photo cats will be evaluated based on Catitude, Grumpiness, Nonchalance and Fluffiness.
The winner will receive a signed copy of Amanda Cadabra and the Hidey-Hole Truth and a custom, hand-made book mark, with your initials, specially commisioned to commemorate your triumph in The Tempest Competition.