Trailer Release: Amanda Cadabra and The Cellar of Secrets

Dear Readers,

The official trailer for Amanda Cadabra and The Cellar of Secrets is now live on Youtube and here on the website. Just click on the photo to watch it.
Link to YouTube Trailer for Amanda Cadabra and The Cellar of SecretsIf you would like to leave a comment that would be great. Feedback is immensely helpful in making future trailers, knowing whether it said too much, too little or just the right amount, for example.

As promised, here is some news of an extra goody in the pipeline. A short Christmas video is planned of the ‘Sunken Madley’ church in all its festive array, with possibly something special added, that is currently in the negotiation stage so I can’t say any more at present.

Although it is already available for pre-order, the launch day for the release of Amanda Cadabra and the Cellar of Secrets is just two days away now so I must get back to finalising the paperback so that it can be available for you as soon as possible.

Happy watching!

Best wishes,


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