Amanda Cadabra and The Flawless Plan

Book Three of the Hilarious Fantasy Mystery Series

An accident waiting to happen. Sunken Madley village church hall seemed safe enough for a dance class. But now with a body a spy, a saboteur, an uncooperative ghost from 1918, multiple puzzles, Amanda Cadabra and her grumpy feline familiar are going to need backup.

There’s only one choice: the personable but intractable Inspector Trelawney. Only if Amanda can dare to trust him can they survive and solve the case before the murderer strikes again.


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"The characters are well-drawn, the plot is fantastic, and the humor is wonderful”


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Amanda Cadabra and The Flawless Plan

Having visited the annexe to Amanda's village in 1940, during World War II, as the covert witch and her feline familiar time-travel to solve a modern-day-murder, in Book 2, it seemed only natural to take readers on a trip to Sunken Madley at the First World War too.

As Amanda and Tempest had braved the dangers of the past by themselves for the first book and its sequel, I knew that the need to draw an unwilling Inspector Trelawney into their magical endeavours was on the cards. Certain conditions in the England of 1918 presented the perfect comic solution.

A go-to series for lovers of humorous fantasy mystery, where Harry Potter meets Agatha Christie, in a 'timelessly British' supernatural whodunnit. A mirthful mix of vintage and modern-day fun, suspense and excitement, with a happy ending.

Inspired by Lord of the Rings, the collected works of Sir Terry Pratchett, and the esteemed Miss Christie, PG Wodehouse, with a dash of Georgette Heyer, Alastair MacLean, JK Rowling, and the best of classic British cinema, this sequel in the series will leave you with a smile on your face and spirits raised as you the read ‘The End’ and reach for the next book.

Dive in to rejoin the delightful Amanda, the superior Tempest, the attractive but by-the-book Inspector Trelawney, the aristocratic Senara and the warm-hearted Cornishman Perran, together with a host of their colourful neighbours and an assemblage of suitably suspicious characters. Each individual has their own hidden depths to surprise you along the way, as you enter the village of Sunken Madley.

Amanda Cadabra with Tempest in the workshop

The Characters

  • Amanda is a covert witch, reclusive but beloved resident of Sunken Madley, trained by her grandparents in magic and keeping a low profile. But can she do that with a missing body, ghosts and secret tunnels on her hands and a police detective asking too many questions?
  • Tempest is Amanda's grumpy feline reincarnated by grandparents Perran and Senara during Amanda's teens. Regards humans as an inferior species. Will he stay awake long enough to aid his pet human when the crunch comes?
  • Detective Inspector Thomas Trelawney of the Devon and Cornwall Police is assigned to the Cardiubarn Case: a van containing Amanda's family mysteriously went over a cliff when she was 3 years old. Are his suspicions about the three Cadabras justified? 
  • Senara and Perran Cadabra are grandparents and adoptive parents to Amanda. They have lovingly home educated and trained her in furniture restoration, witchcraft and dealing with 'Normals'. But how much are they not telling their granddaughter about their past?

The Plot

  • They say accidents can happen. But when Amanda and her disgruntled familiar, Tempest, find a body in apparently innocent surroundings, she starts to question the role of chance.
  • They say hearing voices is the first sign of madness. But what about music? Detective Inspector Thomas Trelawney is perfectly sane, so where is it coming from, and what does it mean? Is there a connection to Amanda’s vision of dancers?
  • They say a strong woman doesn’t need a man. What is Amanda to do when she can’t investigate in 1918 without one? If she is to get herself off the top of the suspect list, Amanda needs to find one fast, and brave the risks of returning to a certain night in Christmas over a century ago. But can she trust the only candidate?.
  • Amanda Cadabra and the Flawless is a hilarious, suspenseful, entertaining fantasy that draws the reader into a world of picturesque English villages, unforgettable characters, a cat with attitude, 1918 and the most enchanting of urban fantasy mysteries.
Apple festival stalls with pretty lights and a spooky church hall in the background at dusk.

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Tempest the cat on the left. In the background an apple festival with fairy lights next to a spooky church hall. Ghostly image of a pompous man with a monacle in 1918 evening dress and a ghostly image of a couple waltzing at a ball. On the right Amanda Cadabra and The Flawlesss Plan by Holly Bell in ereader and paperback
Chapter 1
CRYPT and Cellar

Amanda found her lying on the floor of the crypt. Her head was up against a medieval stone coffin where it must have struck. One arm was hidden beneath the long raised from of the sarcophagus.

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