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Top Secret Research – Amanda Cadabra Book 2

Yesterday’s mission gathering intel for the sequel to Amanda Cadabra took me to the De Havilland Aircraft Museum in picturesque Hertfordshire.

There I was given a personal tour and help with my research by the resident expert and curator Alistair Hodgson who brought his formidable store of knowledge and experience to bear on the project. I had the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of a genuine Mosquito that saw service during the war years, and to get to know a little about the people surrounding the events that make an appearance in the new story.

The founder of the aircraft company, who became Sir, Geoffrey de Havilland was cousin to Hollywood film stars Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine. His revolutionary design for the Mosquito aeroplane shown in the photograph was so top secret that even the British government was kept in the dark during development.

What does all of this have to do with Amanda Cadabra and her ally Tempest the cat, you ask? The answers to the murder and mystery of her present lie, as they so often do, in the past.

I could tell you more … but then …

The Paperback Has Landed

Yes, after its final checks and adjustments, the paperback is now published and ready for readers who love the experience of the tangible object that can join the bookshelf and become a friend.

In the process, the ebook too was updated to correct a continuity error. Gasp! Yes, indeed. Did anyone spot it, by any chance? No? … Phew!

The second book is now pattering into the computer and will involve a visit to Salisbury Hall Mosquito Museum. That’s all I’ll say for now.

Next up will be the audio book of Amanda Cadabra and the Hidey-Hole Truth, now also known as ‘Book 1’. I hope to have some news on the progress of that any day.

Meanwhile … the page awaits …

Launch Day and Prep for the Paperback

Sunday was a roaring success with twice the number of expected downloads. Amanda Cadabra and the Hidey-Hole Truth rose to number one in three categories in Kindle free books. The demand for the paperback is now on the rise.

Today will see, hopefully, the final readthrough of the proof version of the paperback. This is a short print run of the book for author and publisher to check for any final alterations they would like to make before it goes to print for the readers to buy.

The highlight of the days so far has been a kind and encouraging email from Max Surla, one of the composers who provided the music for the trailer by allowing some of his outstanding work to be made available in the public domain. Max Surla is an award-winning composer known for his contribution to Born to Explore. His piece, Intrigue, is the impish music in the middle of the trailer video. You can enjoy it here.

Meanwhile, back to preparing the paperback. The presses are waiting!





First Kindle Free Promo Tomorrow!

Dear Cosy Readers,

The paperback version is now at the proof stage. I’ll get a batch the day after tomorrow. If all goes well, it should be available shortly. And here’s the brand new cover by brilliant illustrator Tim Brown.

For all of those of you who prefer to listen to a book, it’s read by me, and a sample of the audiobook file is with ACX, the distributors being checked for quality control so that you get the best possible experience.

Tomorrow, Sunday 9th September is an exciting first: the ebook will be available on Amazon free for just 24 hours, from midnight EST and 4 am GMT. Please help yourselves, and it would be great if you could post a review on Amazon.

We’ll be celebrating the first official launch of the first novel with champagne, cakes and Indian food.

I hope your day is just as special.

Best wishes,




Hello Cosy Readers

​​Amanda Cadabra and The Hidey-Hole Truth is now ​available on Amazon in Kindle form. So the current endeavour is to produc​e the paperback and audiobook versions for those of you who like the actual book experience or prefer to listen.

These are exciting firsts for me and if possible, I would like them to be ready for you by the official launch date on Sunday 9th September. Meanwhile, if you have bought the book already, you can watch the trailer with added insight, and if you've yet to add Amanda Cadabra Book 1 to your collection, see what the story has in store for you.

Days to go, the clock is ticking ... back to the printing press and the studio!

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